The MBDH has funding available to support a small number of Early Career Participants (researchers, students, postdocs, young faculty, and educators) to attend and participate in the MBDH All-Hands Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on March 21-22, 2016.

This is the first All-Hands Meeting of the MBDH. The goals of this meeting are to provide an update on MBDH Hub and Spoke activities, enable discussions to occur to assist in the planning and implementation of Spoke goals and activities, and provide opportunities for stakeholders from industry, academia, foundations, associations, and local and federal governments to talk about common interests and potential collaborations.

If you need travel assistance to this Workshop, please submit a 1 page proposal to Danny Powell ( by COB March 9, 2016. Your proposal will be reviewed, with responses made by March 11, 2016. If awarded, you will be put in contact with our travel agent who will make travel arrangements for you.

When submitting a proposal, please include the following information:

  1. Name, email, status (student, postdoc, years as a faculty) and institution
  2. Spoke area of interest
  3. Description of your interests as related to the MBDH and the relevant Spoke
  4. What you hope to gain by attending the Workshop

The proposal will be evaluated based on (a) benefit to the participant, (b) potential benefit to the MBDH, and (c) potential for establishing collaborations and partnerships between the participant and other stakeholders at the Workshop.