Cyberinfrastructure and Data Sharing is a crosscutting theme of the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub. In our work bringing together subject experts from scientific disciplines and specialists in data science, we have seen many instances of challenges to the need to share data sets or use common cyberinfrastructure to make progress on difficult problems.

We have generally seen needs for processes for sharing data across boundaries (including disciplines, institutions, and sectors), and needs for open and scalable cyberinfrastructure tools and services. These needs are prevalent across the BD Hubs network, and drove the creation of the all-Hubs Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group, which continues to meet monthly to surface these issues and stimulate collaborations.

Challenges in cybersecurity and research data integrity led to us co-founding the Trustworthy Data Working Group in 2020 with the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (“Trusted CI“) and other partners. Visit our working group page to learn about our best practices guidance document, which was based in part on a community survey.

Our partners at the University of Michigan are leading our regional participation in the Frameworks for Integrative Data Equity Systems (FIDES) and Foundations of Responsible Data Science (FORDS) initiatives.

We support the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship, which is focused on improving the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of digital assets, and the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance, extending the FAIR model to include Collective benefit, Authority to control, Responsibility, and Ethics.