The Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub relies on community input to drive its current and future activities. Whether it’s our Community Development and Engagement Program, our Priority Area programmatic activities, Regional Community Meeting, or other initiatives, our work is community-led and based on community needs.

Our Community Advisory Panel (CAP) activities provide multiple ways for your voice to be heard. We’d like to know:

  • • What are the emerging data science trends you’re seeing that we should be aware of? 
  • • What are the data challenges and opportunities that you face? 
  • • What kinds of data knowledge and skills do your workforce need?

Specific opportunities to get involved:

CAP Core – We’re building a diverse group of advisors from across the 12-state Midwest region to join our leadership team for a robust quarterly roundtable discussion of emerging opportunities where we can have collective impact. Whether you’re in industry, academia, government, or the nonprofit sector, we encourage self-nominations and recommendations for others in your network and communities of practice to participate. 

Stakeholder input – We are seeking input from across the region to our ongoing series of brief “temperature check” surveys. Regardless of your role or sector, we want your voice represented in this process. We’ll aggregate and communicate the results publicly on an ongoing basis.

Want to participate?

Email us at or complete the quick form below to get involved or suggest names of colleagues.

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