COVID Information Commons (CIC)
PI: Jeannette Wing
Institution: Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub hosted by Columbia University, in collaboration with the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub, South Big Data Innovation Hub, and West Big Data Innovation Hub
Description: The COVID Information Commons (CIC) is an open website to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across various COVID research efforts, initiated by the NSF Convergence Accelerator. The CIC serves as a resource for researchers, students, and decision makers from academia, government, nonprofits, and industry to identify collaboration opportunities, leverage each other’s research findings, and accelerate the most promising research to mitigate the broad societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The INFEWS-ER: a Virtual Resource Center Enabling Graduate Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems
PI: Luis Rodriguez
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Microsoft Research Partnership

Cloud Computing for Neuroscience Research
PI: Franco Pestilli
Institution: Indiana University
Description: Pestilli and his team are developing Brain Life, a cloud-based computing platform for neuroscience. Currently in its beta phase, Brain Life allows researchers in neuroscience, computer science, and engineering to share brain data and algorithms across institutions.

SEADTrain: Cloud-based, Hands-on Environment for Online Data Science Training
PI: Beth Plale, director
Institution: Indiana University
Description: Prototyping SEADTrain, a project that provides hands-on training in data science. SEADTrain combines publishing tools from the NSF-funded Sustainable Environments Actionable Data project with ID technology for workforce training in big data.

Cloud Infrastructure for Vision-based Yield Mapping
PI: Volkan Isler, associate professor
Institution: University of Minnesota
Description: A vision system that reports yield information at apple orchards using just a video of the crop. A convenient cloud-based infrastructure for collecting and processing images and providing results to improve the scalability and accessibility of this system.