The Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub is focused on creating research networks in five Priority Areas and two Crosscutting Theme Areas. To learn more about these different priority and theme areas, please select from the areas below.

Priority Areas
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing – Addressing data challenges to enable effective research data management in materials science, accelerating time-to-market for new materials and manufacturing processes, and preparing a data-literate workforce.
  • Digital Agriculture – Building partnerships around data sharing, best practices, and new technologies, such as sensors and UAVs.
  • Smart & Resilient Communities – Bringing together community members and stakeholders from multiple sectors to explore data challenges and opportunities. Often closely aligned with other theme areas, such as health, water, agriculture, and education/workforce development.
  • Water Quality – Exploring data challenges shared by all stakeholders in local, regional, and national watersheds, including academic scientists, municipal water managers, local community interests, and industry innovators.
  • Big Data in Health – Building translational collaborations between academic research, clinicians, health advocates, and industry.
Crosscutting Theme Areas