The MBDH hosts the Midwest Carpentries Community (MCC) in partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Madison to provide a venue for region-wide capacity building of data science skills through The Carpentries organization. The MCC brings together Carpentries instructors and others interested in hands-on data science skill development for various audiences (including students, early-career researchers, faculty, and practitioners) across academia, government agencies, nonprofits, and industry.

The MCC holds monthly community calls, and has a Slack community for ongoing engagement.

Upcoming call:

January 30, 2023 | noon ET / 11 a.m. CT / 10 a.m. MT
Topic: Scaling up Carpentries offerings – Challenges and best practices
Hosts: John MacMullen (MBDH) and Deborah Paul (UIUC)
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Prior calls:

November 21, 2022
Topic: Carpentries Workbench by Zhian Kamvar and Toby Hodges
Hosts: Zhian Kamvar and Toby Hodges, The Carpentries

October 31, 2022
Topic: The Maintainers’ Perspective: How to Improve the Checkout Process from Issue to Completed PR
Host: Jennifer A. W. Stubbs, Bradley University

September 26, 2022
Topic: Midwest Carpentries Interests Discussion

June 27, 2022
Topic: Workshop Assessment
Host: Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, University of Kansas

May 23, 2022
Topic: Instructor Training Best Practices
Host: John MacMullen, Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

April 25, 2022
Topic: Building the Midwest Library Carpentry Capacity/Community
Host: Cody Hennesy, University of Minnesota

March 28, 2022
Topic: How Do Other Groups Distribute the Administrative Duties for Workshop Planning and Operation, etc.?
Host: Kay Bjornen, Oklahoma State University

February 28, 2022
Topic: Demonstration of Making a Lesson Contribution Using GitHub
Host: Sarah Stevens, Data Science Hub, University of Wisconsin–Madison
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January 31, 2022
Topic: Development of a New Program from The Carpentries to Support Community Building/Management
Host: Alycia Crall, The Carpentries

November 29, 2021
Topic: Planning for 2022 Sessions

October 25, 2021
Topic: Midwest Incubator Lesson Showcase

September 27, 2021
Topic: Midwest Carpentries Mentoring Program

August 30, 2021
Topic: The Carpentries at Smaller (non-R1) Institutions

July 26, 2021
Topic: (Fall) Semester Community Activities

June 28, 2021
Topic: Lesson Development and Study Groups

May 24, 2021
Topic: Teaching Debugging

March 29, 2021
Topic: Library Carpentry

February 22, 2021
Topic: Instructor Training

January 25, 2021
Topic: What Are The Carpentries?

November 30, 2020
Topic: Growing and Supporting Your Local Instructor Community While Virtual

October 26, 2020
Topic: Running Online Workshops

September 28, 2020
Topic: Community Lesson Development

August 30, 2020
Topic: How Things Work At Your Institution

July 27, 2020
Topic: Questions and Needs

June 29, 2020
Topic: How to Build a Midwest Carpentries Champions Community

May 25, 2020
Topic: Start Midwest Champions List