Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub

October 27–28, online

Join the Hub for our Regional Community Meeting (formerly All-Hands Meeting)!

Introductory slides to the 2021 Regional Community Meeting

Click on the following links to view slides from the Federal agencies panel, CDE projects sessions, Priority Areas session, and student presentation sessions

Click here to view the 2021 Regional Community Meeting session videos on YouTube

This year’s highlights:

Our feedback form is still open for your comments on these sessions, and input about what you’d like to see in the future. Please take two minutes to tell us what you think!

The MBDH Regional Community Meetings are organized to bring together the broad MBDH stakeholder community and interested new parties to share information on data and data science-related projects, collaborations, tools, practices, and discoveries in the thematic areas of interest in the MBDH region. The meeting is intended to build the community, share successes and opportunities, and also provide engaging content on emergent Big Data applications across the industry-academia-government-nonprofit R&D space.

Participants of MBDH meetings agree to follow the MBDH Code of Conduct (pdf).