The Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub (MBDH) serves as a catalyst to build capacity and innovation around big data solutions to challenges in our 12-state region, and nationally through the NSF-funded BD Hubs network.

The MBDH is focused on building a cross-sector network to increase awareness and use of data in academia, industry, government, and nonprofits. We do this by convening and leading meetings, cultivating collaborations, and facilitating data science educational opportunities.

Several ways to get involved can be found here:
MBDH Collaboration Cafe
Community Development and Engagement Program
Community Advisory Panel
Midwest Carpentries Community
Data Science Student Community
MBDH Student Intern Program
Regional Activities
Event in a Box Tool Kit
Explore Funding Opportunities
Join a Working Group

Benefits of Hub participation:

Researchers and Educators in Academic Institutions

Broaden the impact of your current research by amplifying it through the Hub network

Join colleagues from a range of institutions, including primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to share curriculum development ideas

Join our Collaboration Cafe and other community development activities to find collaborators for projects and respond to large and/or interinstitutional funding opportunities

Submit a proposal to our Community Development (CDE) Program that incubates new community-led activities  


Improved student training
• Big data capstone opportunities
• Experience with cross-functional teams

Engagement in interinstitutional projects
• Leverage MBDH leadership in individual proposals

Aligned with the mission of land-grant institutions

Place to develop shared objectives (e.g., accreditation requirement for Data Science programs)

Increased research impact
• Wider adoption of research by target community
• Wider opportunities to disseminate work

Mechanism to secure broader community support during incubator stages

Lower the administrative burden to participate in large funding proposals

Opportunities to engage with nontraditional researchers


Participate in our Data Science Student Community to build a network of peers and future collaborators

Participate in our events and activities to increase your knowledge of new data-related trends and topics and receive mentoring

Grow your data skills in a hands-on training workshop or at a datathon event  


Build a network of peers and future collaborators

Increase your knowledge of new data-related trends and topics and receive mentoring

Grow your data skills

Industry and Nonprofits

Join other stakeholders and thought leaders across the region and nationally to advance big data technologies through participation in working groups

Influence big data initiatives by serving on our Community Advisory Panel

Find academic partners to collaborate with on new technologies and applications  


Access to both depth and breadth of faculty expertise

Situated case studies to demonstrate new computational methods

Access to a strong and diverse student pool

Government Agencies

Engage with academic researchers and industry professionals to understand emerging trends and data sources for decision-making

Communicate your data products to a larger audience

Understand community data needs to inform agency program development  


Neutral party to identify/facilitate data-driven cross-agency collaborations

Access to a data-literate workforce

Pilot potential data analytic techniques into current decision-making processes

Identify data deserts

Activities of the Hub also benefit Funding Agencies in the following ways:

Provide the human infrastructure that is needed to realize the Data Science revolution

Increased impact of projects funded from other initiatives
• Reach a broader audience
• Leverage earlier data-collection investments

Single point of contact to understand data readiness

Reduced reinvention