We are seeking input from those in the Midwest region for our fall 2021 Regional Community Meeting, to be held online in late October or early November. Like the All-Hands Meetings we’ve held in the past, we intend this meeting to bring together participants from a wide range of academic disciplines as well as from industry, government, and nonprofits to learn about data science trends, find shared interests, and identify potential collaborations.

What meeting element(s) would you most like to attend or participate in?
If you selected "Breakout sessions," what topics would you be interested in meeting about?
If you selected "Hands-on training," what topics would you be interested in learning about?
What time frame would you prefer most:
What would you most like to learn and/or contribute by attending this meeting?
Are you interested in being a panelist, moderator, or breakout session leader?
Would you be interested in mentoring a student attendee, or serving as a juror for a student poster session?
Which MBDH theme area would you say best aligns with your interests?
Have you attended an MBDH All-Hands Meeting in the past?
If you would like to be updated about our plans, or talk about specific ways you would like to participate in the meeting, please provide your name and email address. This will be used only for fall 2021 meeting updates. Join our newsletter list (below) for regular updates.

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