Yuna M., Student Attendee

“Having CMU Professors and Graduate students available to help me was such an amazing experience, gaining first-hand experience in the field of Data Science, so thank you so much : )”

Jennifer Daniels, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Central Michigan University—volunteer faculty member at the workshop

“Our rural community needs to have more of these types of serious workshops where students actually learn real-world skills. I have been to many STEM or STEAM related camps with my children over the decades, but what I noted from volunteering at this workshop was that it was REAL. Students were learning the foundations and/or expanding on their knowledge of programming, which is essential in any data science field. Students were allowed to make mistakes, which is so important in learning. There was no grading, so no pressure to get it right the first time. Just learning for the sake of learning! It was authentic learning. I wanted to see something like this happen for quite some time since I am an educator at local community colleges as well as have been instrumental in training pre-service teachers in the past. I think we need to train teachers or pre-service teachers to help them help their own students.”

John Daniels, Professor of Statistics, Actuarial & Data Sciences, Central Michigan University—leader of the workshop

“They [MBDH] helped keep us on task and provide useful suggestions to make the workshop a success.”

“[J.D., of MBDH] provided some useful relief to a classroom environment. Also helped with logistic support.”