2019 Events

DateEventBrief DescriptionResources
Mar 14Webinar on the MBDH for the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD)"The Midwest Big Data Hub: Advancing the data ecosystem, projects and partnerships"Recording
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2018 Events

DateEventBrief DescriptionResources
Nov 6-7MBDH All-Hands MeetingHosted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland OHWebsite
July 17-18MBDH Smart, Local, Resilient workshopHosted at the University of North DakotaWebsite
July 11-12MBDH / NDS Data Science Tools and Methods workshopHosted at the Big 10 Center in Rosemont ILWebsite
May 14-17Midwest Big Data Summer SchoolHosted at Iowa State UniversityWebsite
Feb 23-25Smart Gigabit Communities Reverse Pitch ChallengeHosted at the University of Illinois, in partnership with US IgniteWebsite

2017 Events

DateEventBrief Description Resources
Oct. 1-2MBDH All-Hands MeetingThe MBDH All-Hands meetings are organized annually to bring together the broad MBDH membership and interested new parties to share information on data and Data Science-related projects, collaborations, tools, practices, and discoveries in the thematic areas of interest in the MBDH region. The meeting is intended to build the community, share successes and opportunities, and to also provide interesting or emergent Big Data applications across the R+D space.Website


Oct. 1Transportation Data HackathonA hackathon to build and strengthen collaborative data science projects that advance transportation safety. Students worked in teams in a open and creative thinking format. Website
July 10-14Midwest Big Data Summer SchoolA one week, intensive curriculum aimed at early career researchers to get them started in data-driven research.Website
April 18-19Machine Learning: Farm-to-Table WorkshopMBDH partnered with with the International Food Security at Illinois (IFSI) group at UIUC to bring together domain scientists from the Agriculture, Bioinformatics, Food-Energy-Water, and Food Security communities to stimulate new data-driven R+D activity at the intersections of these communities.Workshop Website     Videos
February 10-14Phenome 2017This MBDH-supported conference brought together experts from multiple domains, including plant biology, information sciences, engineering, and more.Website
February 6 - May 1Iowa state University Big Data Seminar SeriesThis seminar series serves as an environment where faculty, staff, and collaborators interact, build shared research plans, and form connections by way of our most prized possession: data.Recordings

2016 Events

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