Upcoming Webinars:

  • National Academies webinar series on Big Data, Modeling, and Simulation in Urban Sustainability
    October 8, 15, 23, 30

  • Trusted CI Webinar Series
    October 28, 10am CT
    Presenter: Scott Russell, IU CACR
    Presentation title: “Trends in Global Privacy: GDPR One Year Later”

  • BD Hubs Cyberinfrastructure Working Group webinar series
    November 1, 2pm CT
    Presenter: Marc Rubenfield (Veritas Genetics)
    Presentation title: “Arvados: A platform for storing, organizing, processing, and sharing genomic and other big data”
    Details | Livestream

  • Science Gateways Community Institute Webinar Series
    November 13, 12pm CT
    Presenter: Daniel Katz, NCSA
    Presentation title: “Conceptualizing a US Research Software Sustainability Institute”

  • MBDH Data Science Student Groups Webinar Series
    November 13, 5:30-6:30pm CT
    Presenter: Lilian Huang, Lauren Li, and Damini Sharma, South Side Civic | University of Chicago
    Presentation title: “Scopeathon: Focusing on the Crucial First Step of Problem Definition”

Upcoming Events: