by Keith Hollenkamp

On Sunday, October 1st, just before the MBDH All-Hands Meeting, the MBDH and the Bridging Big Data Project team hosted the Transportation Data Challenge Hackathon.

hackathon participantsPhoto credit: Chungwook Sim

Teams worked together to use data science to advance transportation safety. The two main focuses included improving bike/pedestrian safety in our communities and improving transportation safety during extreme weather. To do this, teams had the options to analyze and work with datasets detailing bike share programs, hurricane impacts, floods, pedestrian statistics, and more.

Thank you to the judges, Ibrahim Demir and Amy Unruh, and congratulations to the winners:

1st Place: Team KKM

  • Md. Mehedi Hasnat
  • Kamol Chandra Roy
  • Kwanghee Won

2nd Place: Team Sunny Bike

  • Tongge Huang
  • Shefang Wang
  • Chenhui Liu

3rd Place: Team VSL

  • Saeed Arabi
  • Lakshay Ahuja
  • Vesal Ahsani


Recordings of the presentations and additional information are available on the Hackthon website.