The Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) is a growing network of partners investing in data and data sciences to address grand challenges for society and science. Anyone is welcome to join these efforts. Announcements on new opportunities are listed below and additional activities are listed on our Upcoming Events page.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • MBDH / EU Big Data Value Association webinar
    December 6, 8:00-9:30m CT
    Presenters: Arne Berre, Malia Gehan, Ephrem Habyarimana; Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, moderator
    Presentation title: “Using Data Science for Plant Genomics and Phenomics”
    Details (pdf) | Register | Livestream

  • Trusted CI Webinar Series
    December 9, 10am CT
    Presenter: John Heidemann, USC
    Presentation title: “DDoS Defense in Depth for DNS (DDIDD): Project Overview and Early Results”

  • Science Gateways Community Institute Webinar Series
    December 11, 12pm CT
    Presenter: Sandra Gesing, University of Notre Dame
    Presentation title: “How to Support Gateways via Community Building: Join the Gateway Ambassadors”

See other upcoming MBDH events here.