The Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) is a growing network of partners investing in data and data sciences to address grand challenges for society and science. Anyone is welcome to join these efforts. Announcements on new opportunities are listed below and additional activities are listed on our Upcoming Events page.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Webinar Series
    February 19, 12pm CT
    Presenters: Katie Boeckl, NIST; Caitlin Fennessy, IAPP; Jonathan Fox, Cisco
    Presentation title: “The Intersection of the Privacy and Cybersecurity Workforce”

  • Trusted CI Webinar Series
    February 24, 10am CT
    Presenter: Anita Nikolich, IIT
    Presentation title: “FABRIC: Adaptive programmaBle networked Research Infrastructure for Computer science”

  • MIDAS Seminar Series
    February 24, 2:30pm CT
    Presenter: Jen Stirrup, Microsoft
    Presentation title: “Is it possible to democratize AI for businesses?”
    Details | Livestream

  • MBDH Data Science Student Groups Webinar Series
    February 26, 5:30pm CT
    Presenter: Heidi Van Every, Riza Li, Adam Faranda, and Menolin Sharma, Bioinformatics Student Association (BiSA) | University of Delaware
    Presentation title: “BiSA: Encouraging Creative Student Collaboration and Participation in an Interdisciplinary Field”

Upcoming Events:

  • NSF Big Data Innovation Hubs – All Hubs Summit
    May 26-28, 2020 – Columbus OH

See other upcoming MBDH events here.