The Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) is a growing network of partners investing in data and data sciences to address grand challenges for society and science. Anyone is welcome to join these efforts. Announcements on new opportunities are listed below and additional activities are listed on our Upcoming Events page.

Upcoming Webinars:

  • MIDAS Seminar Series
    March 15, 4pm ET
    Presenter: Animashree Anandkumar, PhD; Caltech & NVIDIA
    Presentation title: “Infusing Structure into Machine Learning Algorithms”
    Details | Livestream

  • MIDAS Seminar Series
    March 22, 4pm ET
    Presenter: Michael Betancourt, PhD; Symplectomorphic, LLC
    Presentation title: “Scalable Bayesian Inference with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo”
    Details | Livestream

  • Unmanning Data Mondays webinar series
    April 1, 2pm CT
    Presenter: Aaron Berg, University of Guelph
    Series schedule | Livestream

See other upcoming MBDH events here.